Advanced controls and hotkeys to remember in PUBG Game
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game presents to you some advanced controls and hotkeys that you must know how to use wisely while you’re in the game. The keys and controls will have influences on your actions, so try to learn them well!
You can look around the location without having to move if you press and hold key Alt. This is a good one for you to camp, and while you are falling down from the plane too.
If you press key C, you can dive under the water while you’re swimming, then press Spacebar to move up to the surface.
You can turn on/off seats in your vehicle by using key ‘Ctrl+1/2/3/4/5/6’. If you press Ctrl+1, you will be taken to the driving seat instantly.
Press key “=” to perform auto-sprint.
Use key Q for leaning left, and use key E for leaning right. When you aim, you can utilize these to look around then shoot the walls without revealing yourself.
You can speed up the vehicles by pressing key Shift.
Utilize the handbrake of the vehicle to get a hostile turn, then you can use spacebar to break it.
Tap down Spacebar and Left Ctrl to direct your motorbikes in the air.
The first and third person can be turned on/off if you use key V.
Use key Shift to keep your breath while you are aiming, but this is only in ADS.
Click left mouse button to shoot so that you can view the bullet drop while you’re aiming
Use keys Page Up and Page Down to switch weapon zeroing
Press key G and the mouse wheel scroll for cycling weapons
Press keys 7,8,9 and O for healing items. No need to bring up your inventory screen for using them.
The grenades can be rolled with an under-arm throw if you click left mouse button, and click the right mouse button after that for throwing.
Use keys Ctrl and U to put out of the action of the HUD completely if you keep viewing on-screen markers.
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News Published On : Fri, 05 Oct 2018
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