Tips for grenade tricks for inventory in PUBG Game
Learning how to use your inventory and some grenade tricks in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game is kind of crucial and interesting too. You will understand how to split the slots to store your items in PUBG game. Let’s check it out!

Usually, various items will take up various amounts of room in your own inventory. You have to store the first aid kits in your inventory, but they are way larger than the bandages. The same goes for discrepant kinds of grenades. Frags are much smaller than Smoke and Stun grenades.

By attaching the bigger items, you will be able to carry more because the attached items and ammo in your gun won’t seize the inventory space. You should use the smoke or stun grenade if you need to empty a Frag-sized room. However, you should be careful! If the inventory is full, you can’t change it out for the Frag without releasing or equipping something.

Actually, you are able to place a pin back in a Frag grenade in the game. Just bring up your inventory, haul the grenade from the grenade slot then take it to the storage column on the left.
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News Published On : Fri, 05 Oct 2018
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