Tips for you to wander around in Battlegrounds game
In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game, wandering is not hard, vice versa, it can be safe a lot if you know some tips to do so. You can check out what you should do if you want to roam around in the game.

1. You have to crouch then jump to move through the windows, then take a leap higher a bit. Use spacebar and key C simultaneously. When you are in front of a ledge that is way higher than common, just use key W so that you can move onto it.

2. Try to use Crouch-jump carefully so that you can get to a roof from a balcony. Open the door first, then crouch-jump on it, and do it again from the peak of the door to the roof. This is a good place for you to snipe.

3. You are able to perform harder jumps right between the roofs if you crouch-jump on the railings or raised zones carefully, then move along them.

4. You are even able to jump further than you used to. To do so, you must escape away from a grenade, then take a leap when it blows up. This will help you jump even higher, especially when you’re in the air.

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News Published On : Fri, 05 Oct 2018
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