Facebook 'Nearby Friends' to get Snap Map-like makeover
Facebook is working on a redesign for its ‘Nearby Friends’ feature, which could look similar to Snapchat’s Snap Map. The social media giant has confirmed in a statement to TechCrunch that it is testing a new design for Nearby Friends. The tool will apparently give users to disable the map feature as well, owing to privacy concerns.
“We’re testing a new design for Nearby Friends, a tool people have used for the past four years to meet with their friends in person. People have complete control over whether to use Nearby Friends or not. They can turn it on in the Nearby Friends bookmark,” Faceook told the website.
Facebook’s Nearby Freinds feature currently shows the list view of neighbourhoods and cities, which will be redesigned in favour of Snap Map-like interface. It will group friends togther by city. A ‘view list’ button will also be introduced tp show a friend’s approximate location in a city, though their exact coordinates will not be shared.
Mobile researcher Jane Manchun Wong shared on Twitter a screenshot (via TechCrunch) of the new interface of Nearby Friends, which she claims was generated from the code of Facebook’s Android app. The researcher told the site that Facebook seems to have the ability to access map feature from server-side.
Facebook is testing Map view in Nearby Friends pic.twitter.com/stFzFzOjxu
— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) October 2, 2018
This is not the first time Facebook has cloned Snapchat’s popular features across its products. One of the most popular feature – Stories – across Instagram has almost double the users than the entire Snapchat app itself. However, Map on Facebook is said to show the approximate location of friends compared to Snap Map that displays specific location of people.
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News Published On : Fri, 05 Oct 2018
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