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Well you may have seen a lot of smartphones. But do you know what? There are such weird smartphones in the market. Those can be folded and kept in a pocket. You can Roll and also fit in a fist. Today we are telling you about such unique smartphones.
1.) The Dras phone
These are the world's most unique smartphones,You will be surprised
It is a unique phone in a world that can be stretched like a spring. After its use it can be confined back and imprisoned in a fist.
2.) Lenovo C Plus

This smartphone can be made like a watch on a wrist of a hand by rolling it. Its screen is also quite large.
3.) Triple display flip

This smart phone can be folded three times. After which it becomes like a box. Later, information like its display time and date is displayed. It is used in this condition as a table clock.
4.) NEC Flip Phone

This smartphone comes with a large display. But its display is so flexible. That it can be folded and rested in a fist.
5.) Nokia 888

The thickness of this smartphone is only 5mm. Such technology has been used in this smart phone. With the help of which it can easily be folded.
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News Published On : Fri, 05 Oct 2018
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